Sunday, April 29, 2007


Another dust storm. This one meant my flight couldn't take off today. When you see it you know why. Electricity went off, the dust obscured the sun, the world went dark, the doors were shut and the dust still steamed in and condensed on everything.


Jen Shaffer said...

Ola from Mozambique. I am enjoying your blog (both pictures and text), please keep writing. More people need to know about what is really happening in Sudan from a variety of perspectives. I posted a link to your blog in mine.

Knowing that you didn't photoshop the duststorm picture makes it even more amazing. Aiesh!

Sudanese Knights said...

thank you for the link and thank you for the comment, I didn't know that anyone I didn't know (if you see what I mean) was reading my blog, so it's great to hear that you've found it, and found it interesting... (I can't write today!) take care in Mocambique

and yes, the dust storms really are like that!